September 27, 2021

7 thoughts on “Northeast Composite, 1967

  1. Fall of 1967 and a little March 1966.Talent includes Bob Lewis,Jeff Kaye ex WBZ on KB,
    Bruce Bradley & Dick Summer on BZ.
    John Cigna pre-KDKA on WOWO.A nice slice of audio history.

  2. The jock who filled in for Cousin Brucie was not Bob Daton. Daton was long gone by ’67. It sounded like the DJ’s first name was Jeff.

  3. The first WABC aircheck took place during the AFTRA strike in Spring ’67. WABC management (including PD Rick Sklar) were forced to fill in for the WABC air staff which was on the picket lines. The jock heard on this particular aircheck was Jeff Berman.

  4. what was the instrumental version to “groovin”? sounded maybe like booker t. and the mg’s?well, i want to hear wowo jingles from the early 70’s,this is not them,but i have enjoyed listening to this clip. chip owens in rutherfordton, nc

    1. hi chip if you want wowo jingles and the like go to your browser and type 1190 wowo theres a tribute site on the web waiting with all kinds of jingles thanks jb

  5. The guy on the WLS clip is Joe Bacarella, who was part of WXYZ Detroit management for years into the 70s. My guess is that clip was from the time AFTRA struck ABC.

  6. I first met Joe Bacarella (1966) while working part-time at WCAR 1130, Detroit, and attending Wayne State U, Detroit. Joe was a helluva a guy. I haven’t heard the WLS clip, but I think Tony Clark is correct. Joe B was management at ‘XYZ and it would make sense that he would be at ‘LS to cover for AFTRA strike.

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