September 17, 2021

5 thoughts on “O’Brien In The Morning, WSB-FM B-98.5 Atlanta | April 7, 1987

  1. Anyone know where that weather bed came from? I’ve heard it on a Joy 107 aircheck in Miami, a country aircheck and quite possibly on a Power 106 aircheck from the same era. B98.5 always had killer imaging, at least until 2008.

  2. I just listened to O’brien In The Morning on WSB-FM. I can’t figure out where I heard him but he sounds familiar.

    Anyone know where he worked before or after his time in Atlanta?

  3. Dale O’Brien’s first stint in Atlanta was at Z93. That was in the early 80’s. And then of course he joined WSB-FM/B98.5 for a long run in mornings, part of that time with a female partner (Kari Dean, Trever Johns). He was let go from B98.5 around 1995–some felt that was a big mistake–and started filling in on the former Peach 94-9, B98.5’s direct competition. He eventually took over mornings at Peach 94-9 and remained there for a few years. He still lives in Atlanta, but I don’t think he’s been on the radio since Peach. I don’t know where he worked prior to Atlanta.

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