September 22, 2021

7 thoughts on “Pat Evans and Brian Bierne on KRTH K-Earth-101 Los Angeles | August 21, 1981

  1. Now, this is the KRTH I remember!! Not the repetitive cycles we hear today..This is real radio for L.A.!! Nice and memorable airchexx!

  2. Another nice feature that KRTH used to do back in the early 80’s was airing huge specialties, such as the Firecracker 500 and the #1 hits weekend over Labor Day Weekend. All the #1’s would play in chronological order from 1955 thru 1984.
    Those were the days!

  3. Pat Evans was the night guy at K.Earth 101, when the popular morning show, London & Engelman, left to do mornings at K.West 106…which flipped formats from AOR to ‘Top40’, lead by former KHJ program director Chuck Martin. Some of the old KHJ DJs that left KHJ because it went country, joined the staff of K.West (Bobby Ocean &Pat Garrett). Rick Dees (who was doing mornings at KHJ) went to KIIS FM).

  4. Maverick: Almost right, but not quite.

    Only one of the airstaff left KHJ because of the flip to Country, and that was Pat Garrett.

    Bobby Ocean had actually been backstabbed by another KHJ jock in ’79 and let go long before the flip in formats. Fortunately both Tim and Chuck realized the mistake they’d made and hired him for KWST.

    The evening jock was Benny Martinez, who’d been at KIIS, China Smith, who’d been part of the AOR KWST stayed on for 10PM-2AM and overnights was Scott Summers, who’d briefly been at KFRC.

  5. KRTH 101 was always great,Fantastic oldies,Personality driven .So reminiscent of the late 60,s DRAKE/RKO Formatted stations.When CBS sent Shotgun Tom Packing as well as jim Carson this made us all stop and wonder and as the music changed we knew things will never again be the same.I would Imagine that over the years I always wanted K Eartjh 101 to be KHJ on FM.Sadly Music rotations change as demographics change.the listener base tries to get younger.This change is why Internet radio stations with literally Zilch for personality keep surfacing.Will K EARTH ever be what it once was ? Probably not,We all can remember what was once good with Charlie Van Dyke,Robert W,Charlie Tuna,Shotgun Top just to mention a few of the radio greats.As we move on everything will continue to change.Having retired after a 54 year Broadcast career I contiue to see constant change.Good Luck KEARTH I remember what once was!!

    1. And your last sentence says it all. Demographics. Advertisers do not want to target the over 54 crowd, and we broadcasters with 30, 40 and even 50 years under our belt are OLD. Lets face facts. The 1960s to today’s youth is like the 1940s were to us when we were young. Even the 1970s are ancient history. I had no interest in the music of Benny Goodman or Glenn Miller, et al. That was my father’s era. In fact, when I was very young I hated that music. We are not going to see K-Earth 101, WCBS-FM or any other old-line 1950s, 60s and or 70s stations come back on terrestrial radio, save for the occasional AM station format targeting nursing homes. We are no longer relevant.

      And that’s why exists. So that these formats and stations can be preserved for all time. You’ll notice that we don’t just stay in the 1960s. In order to remain viable at all, we have to modernize on a continual basis. Adding in ‘new’ airchecks, from the 2000s and even 2010s is essential for the long term survival of our site. So it is with stations like K-Earth 101. When a radio station becomes irrelevant because its audience ages out, the station loses a ton of revenue. So the choice is, either update the format by moving the eras forward, or change formats altogether. That’s why.

      And stations on the internet do keep popping up, but very few make more than a dime and are simply a labor of love. Most are always losing their shirt with hosting and storage fees. Once again, advertisers overall want nothing to do with the hippie generation, or even the disco generation. It’s done. Cooked. Burnt.

      Just stay on this site. With about 1900 airchecks online, there’s something for you and just about everyone else.

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