A Sample of 88.1 WCWP Brookville, NY | November, 1974

Its not often we post something from the world of Public Radio, but this isn’t your ordinary Public station. From what we can gather, it’s not even an NPR affiliate!

Most college stations which are student-run have a very amateur-ish sound to them. No matter what the format, and perhaps just to be different than commercial radio, they all really sound like a bunch of kids with a stack of records. What makes this different is the quality of imaging elements and promos in between the records. Remember now, this was 1974, NOT our modern digital age, so these guys really had to work to make things sound right and mix correctly. Even the segues and back timing are perfect!

WCWP is the station of C.W. Post Campus at Long Island University in Brookfield, NY. It’s not quite considered New York City (although we include it in the NYC Market on this website). The late, former WABC audio engineer Bill Epperhart was on WCWP at one time. In fact, a number of well known people spent time at WCWP over the years. WCWP maintains a rather informative web site and an active presence on both Twitter & Facebook.

Courtesy of Contributor Keith Teicher.

3 Replies to “A Sample of 88.1 WCWP Brookville, NY | November, 1974”

  1. Ray Bozzanca

    Nice aircheck!That would be Brookville,NY
    Steve not Brookfield.In 1970 I would visit this station and sit in live with Mike Riccio now chairman of the oldies board.com!

  2. Ed Vossen

    From 1986-1992 I volunteered at WPBX-FM, Southampton, NY. Did a jazz show Sunday mornings from 7:00-10:00AM. This was a sister station of WCWP. We were at 91.3 and then when power was increased we moved to 88.3

  3. tony marzocco

    The imaging was mostly Ted David, a NY radio legend & WCWP alumnus. One other at the end was Mike Riccio. But…no deejays ? They had deejays in 1969-70 & news people & engineers that went onto to big radio careers (Carl Kehl, Chuck Garabedian, Ashley Martella, Frank DeLia, etc.).

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