Alan Kabel, 94.5 WZOU Boston | Undated

Courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts.

From “East Coast Airchecks” ™ volume #89, here’s one of the hottest night jocks we’ve ever heard! Alan Kabel (sounds like “Kibble” on the air) is a screamer, and WZOU is hotter than a firecracker in a two-way CHR war with crosstown WXKS-FM “Kiss 108”. We’re guessing that this was recorded sometime in 1991, based upon Boys to Men airplay.

Going through the archives we found this tape – and remembered that we apparently overlooked this ‘check of WZOU. This station was probably the best CHR that Boston ever had. A station that consolodation destroyed.

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  1. Jim

    Hi Steve and others. I cannot provide an exact date but I can fill in some background, based only on being from here and growing up with this station. Allen Cabel filled in from 6/10pm for Karen Blake for two weeks after the 4th of July in ’91. The production and jingles were elements put in place by Steve Rivers, however, this is the very time he was transitioning to kis108 and Sonny Joe White was beginning his brief PD gig at ZOU. Sonny took the station in a more rithmic direction while Rivers made Kiss very tight and main stream. This was one of ZOU’s two or three shining periods and during its 2nd owner prior to the jam’n era and sale to peramid. The owner’s in ’91 were same brilliant people who bought the station during one of its other shining moments in ’87 when Harry Nelson was pd, bringding it ‘z94. They quickly parted company with his and the station was very dull and lacking production value until teve Rivers and Catelack Jack McCarthy came around in ’90 and brought on JR. Edwards and Garry Human Newman. When they parted company with Sonny in july of ’92, it was the beginning of the end. They changed format and calls not quite a year later.

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