QuickChexx: Dan Justin, 94.5 WZOU Boston | June, 1989

94.5 FM Boston WZOU WCOZ WJMN WHDH-FM Brian Pierce Uncle Johnny Sunny Joe White

94.5 FM Boston WZOU WCOZ WJMN WHDH-FM Brian Pierce Uncle Johnny Sunny Joe White

Dan Justin is another Boston personality known for his air work in the 1980s. Perhaps best known at the old 93.7 WCGY Lawrence, he was also heard on 92.9 WBOS in its Country incarnation in the mid-80s.

Here he is on WZOU at the tail end of its existence as a CHR station. It’s a very hot station at this point, while the radio landscape changed all around it. Former competitor WHTT was already WODS “Oldies 103”. WROR 98.5 was going over to “Mix” as WBMX and that left WXKS-FM “Kiss 108” as the last (and eventual winner) of Boston’s CHR war.

WZOU was at a fever pitch trying to hang on. But notice that both slogans used in the 80s to identify this station are gone. Now its just 94.5 WZOU. They had previously been calling it Z-94 and The Boston Zoo. So good while it lasted.

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  1. Mike

    great airchexx….and Dan is still doing a super job with Magic 106.7

  2. Lou

    Dan is always a pro!

    Probably one of the best jocks in Boston!

  3. Jim

    Hi. This station was my go to preset from about 1986 when WHTT went off the air until beginning of the Jam’n days. This was right in between the Bryan Pierce/Harry Nelson era of “z94” and the Steve Rivers/Sunny Joe White period where this staion gave it one last good effort. Listening to this now, it sounds a lot better than it did to me back then, mainly because “Z94” had a great production guy in Jim Cuttler and great V/O work by Bobby Ocean in 86-87. Then the station was sold and the owners let Harry Nelson, Jim Cuttler, Bobby Ocean and the “z94” branding go out the door. I should say it seem for years they didn’t know how they wanted to brand the station. At first it was “z94/wzou” then they flerted with calling it the “ZOO” again. The jingle you hear is the only jingle they used at the time. The contest promo is voiced by Eric Gordon, who occasionally did weekend airshifts and called himself “the Commissioner”. The WZOU aircheck on this site featuring Andrea Phillips is from just about a year later, after Steve Rivers came in and gave the station a new jingle package with v/o work from Irnie Anderson. The station continued with top40 until 1993.

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