Rick Rumble & Scott Thrower, 98.1 KMPZ Memphis | January 5, 1989 – Part 1

98.1 Memphis WXMX The Max

Memphis Tennessee Midtown98.1 Memphis has had a large number of formats over the years. As I was relating to our contributor, John T. McMullan, perhaps it’s because the station never stuck with a format long enough to gain a large enough audience. Maybe.

Back to 1989 for this nearly perfect quality, first-generation recording of the old Z98.

The contributor writes:

“These two files are the two sides of a high-quality cassette aircheck I caught back in January 1989 of Top 40 station KMPZ-FM (Z-98) in Memphis. The jocks are Rick Rumble and Scott Thrower (Rumble & Thrower) and their popularity was instant, but short-lived, based on a format change. I had nothing to do with this station and was just a fan capturing DJ’s that were fun to hear. I wanted to get these two to your site because this team never seems to show up on aircheck lists. They were quite entertaining, even if the playlist is a little lightweight.”

One aspect of a station with so many different formats is that it’s difficult to find logos or old photos. As with this one. The WXMX “The Max” logo is used here, as that’s just the latest incarnation.

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