Robert W. Walker on WHYI (Y-100) Miami | Spring 1977

100.7 Miami Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, Y100, WHYI, CHR, Jade Alexander, Kenny Walker, 1990s, 1996

“Y-100 – Where You Count – With scores of 100 dollar bills!”


Here’s a slice of Miami Heat in the form of Robert W. Walker – smokin’ up the turntables at the big Y! Y-100 is running a number of promotions simultaneously, and listen to the MUSIC! Top 40, as illustrated here, was not all current hits, back in the day it was the currents, plus the great oldies pulled from a variety (not diversity) of available genres… Rock, Pop, Soul and Country. Seriously. This COOKS!


This arrived on cassette in 2002 as part of a large number of donated airchecks. The tape held up extremely well. There is no distortion or white noise. The audio is in mono, but given the age of this particular aircheck, it sounds fantastic.


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Matt Seinberg was our first contributor and since May of 2002, has donated literally hundreds of airchecks via his own site, Big Apple Airchecks. Matt is a resident of Long Island, and a radio personality as well, having worked at stations such as WGLI on Long Island, WAPP in NYC and WEBE 108 in Westport, CT. He is, by far, our largest contributor and we cannot thank him enough for his contribution to the preservation of classic radio recordings!


  1. brian Carter

    This sounds more like 1974.

  2. Laura Daly

    I agree with Brian; I lived in South Florida at that time, and by 1977, Y100 were not having people answer their phones with “I listen to the new sound of Y100.”

  3. I got this aircheck from Allen Beebe, who was friends with Rob Walker. On that same tape was Beebe’s aircheck from KMJC which is also posted here. I only guessed that they both were from 1977, so if you guys say it’s 1974, that’s fine by me. Y100 in the 70’s was a true cookin’ Top 40 station with some great jocks!

  4. MGD4Ever

    Yeah, this definitely has to be very late 1974. He refers to Neil Diamond’s “Longfellow Serenade” as being new, and that song hit the top 40 in November 1974.

  5. Steven Green

    Y-100 started on August 3, 1973. I think Robert W. Walker was one of their original jocks. He came over from sister station KGMQ Honolulu.

    Robert W. was not a stranger to South Florida. He was at rival station WMYQ in 1971 and 1972.

    I think 1974 was the year that Y-100 beat WMYQ. After that year, they were ahead in the ratings most of the time.

  6. G. Michael McKay

    1977 or 1974, who cares? Y’s guys were kickin’ my(and fellow competitors) ass(es). Glad I finally joined ’em. Robert still sounds great. Look up ‘tight disc jockey’ in the dictionary, his picture’s there!

  7. Richard Kidd

    This was when radio was fun.

  8. Peter G Pappas

    I believe Robert W was one of the best DJ’s that ever happened. Y-100 also was one of the most personable radio stations I have ever experienced in my life. The DJ’s there were like my “buddies” and I never even met a single one of them.

    Robert W was a cross of a cool, modern, macho dude and still a mama’s boy. Most guys are mama’s boys but none will EVER admit to it. Robert W was unbelievably clever enough to allow that to slip through on a cyclical basis.

    One of the best shows Robert W ever did was on a Christmas Day when he was working. On the air he called his mother long distance from the station in Miami up to Oklahoma (or somewhere up there) to wish her a Merry Christmas. I was pretty young then so my parents didn’t appreciate my blasting Y-100 on Christmas day instead of playing Christmas music. We were supposed to be cleaning up the house (you know the drill) for the company that was coming in the afternoon. When Robert W called his mom, put her on the air live (or tape delay – who knows) EVERYBODY in the house stopped, walked over to the radio to listen to the conversation between him and his mom. It was corny as crap but it worked like magic and being young and impressionable, he was teaching me about integrty and street smarts at the same time. He was kind of a role model now that I think about it. Anyway, he was MY DJ from that day on.

    If you listened in that time period, you learned how to say the word “what” in a completely different way. It was part falsetto and part with a high slide up at the end. If you were around then, you know exactly what I am talking about. You would think that personality radio would come back with all the crap that’s on the radio today, guess I’m wrong. But if they ever assembled the Y-100 winning team from back then, added Grady Brock, someone would have the number 1 station in the country.


  9. Cathy Amann

    Remember the Helen Reddy song “Angie Baby”? Well, that was me in 1974 – NO one was more in love with Robert W. than me (all in my fantasies of course!). I carried his WMYQ survey photo in my locket (and didn’t take it out even after I had a REAL boyfriend). Wish I had heard the Christmas show, but my sweet Robert W. story is my best friend asked him to call me on my 18th birthday…and he did. He sang happy birthday to me and I was so in shock that my entire side of the conversation consisted of “uh-huh.” He gave me movie tickets but I was too nervous to actually meet him when I picked them up. Would be fun to meet him today 30 years later and find out if he is anything remotely like the Robert W. of my dreams!

    Speaking of airchecks, I have a veritable treasure of cassette tapes of nearly every South Florida disc jockey from about 1974 to 1977, including (of course) Robert W. and his WMYQ radio mate, the infamous Bob Collins (Robert L.) later of WGN fame (so sad about his untimely plane crash…to this day, I can’t listen to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band without hearing his sign-off burp!), Don Cox, Roby Yonge (another sick mind that shaped my irreverent sense of humor), Bob Shannon, and a bunch of others (I probably even have G. Michael McKay in there somewhere :-). I also have a collection of radio station surveys from WMYQ and WHYI that used to adorn my bookshelf as I did my homework to that awful mid-70’s Top 40 music. Every now and then I pop in a cassette and turn back the time. Thank HEAVEN for personality radio – you guys made listening to Tony Orlando and Dawn bearable!

  10. Linda

    Wow, this was fun. Heavy duty reminiscing. Some great memories from Robert (whiteboy)Walker and Y 100 🙂 from the 70’s.

  11. Carlos

    Wow! I Am a Native Miamian and I was on my teens during those years…. Great memories………………………….

  12. WOW THIS STUFF IS AWSOM BOTH ROBERT W AND BEEBE SOUND JUST LIKE MY FRIEND AND MENTOR john Majhor who rocked toronto air waves at 1050 chum from 1975 to the middle 80s these are priceless and bring back so many memorys of radio when it was cool. thanks to the maj Im in the biz and most of the time loving it. Jay christy.

  13. Clarissa Gutierrez

    I would like to wish my daughter Tiffany Gutierrez Happy Birthday on Feb 19.08 She is 8 years old today. From her mother Clarissa Gutierrez and family. you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you always.

  14. bdangelo

    Awesome, Y-100 and Robert W. Walker? Great jocks in the early ’70s at Y-100 (and WMYQ before that). Those guys could rock South Florida. And what a rush to see something posted by G. Michael McKay!! Another favorite of mine. You, Robert W., Rick Shaw (The Legend)at WAXY and WQAM (ok AM radio, but still great). Great sound check.

  15. Nichole Walker

    Hey Robert,
    You’re ex still thinks you’re pretty hot!
    I always thought you had the best voice (and personality) in the business and still do.

    To hear this was AWESOME – what a blast from the past. So many great memories…

    Over the years you’ve had many other successes and not only am I so very proud of you but very happy for you too. You deserve every accolade and then some.

    You are a great talent, hopefully now we can look forward to our son, Robbie, to carry on your legacy. He is so fortunate to have you as his father and mentor. Now, wouldn’t you agree? I certainly do!

    Although I (along with alot of others) miss hearing you dee jaying, it’s good to still hear the promos and commercials. Maybe some day you can do some on air guest appearances?!

    In any event, I wish you many more years of success. Keep up the great stuff. . .

  16. Anonymous

    Wow…I did some research and Alabama played U of M on 11/16/74. Since he was talking about being at a club on Friday night (or maybe this was the club’s name?) which would have been 11/15/74. The time was between 2pm to after 3pm. What makes this special to me? This would have been the exact moment in time that my mom was giving birth to me….in Miami. I discovered this aircheck totally at random! Goose bumps man…this could have been on the radio right when I was being born.

  17. Paco Lopez

    I worked for Rob in 1985 at Y. He was a mentor and I still stay in touch from time to time. What an amazing jock, person! Great to hear these old moments in history. Robert, I’ll allways appreciate you hiring me and helping mold my career. Truly an honor to work for and know you personally. Continued success.

    BTW, Rob says “new” Neil Diamond “Longfellow Serenade”…it was released in 1974…God bless.

  18. Robert W was and still is one of the greatest! He and Bill Tanner, Don “Cox-On-The Radio”, Fast Bobby, Earl The Pearl and many others created radio as legendary as WABC, KHJ and so many more. I painted my grandmother S FL condo the weekend they went on the air. Howard Quinton chief eng gave them a sound that changed radio. The station was a non stop party! And how bout that exit staircase! My friend Linda Energy was there years later. Truly radio history! Glad to call you a friend Robert.

  19. Jay Rudko

    Y100 is still going strong, although the music has changed considerably. I’d say it’s the longest running popular music station in South Florida. There’s gotta be a good reason for that.

  20. Rick Miami

    Robert L Collins “that was Tommy James and the shankers with Crystal Blue Perversion”

    Collins was insane , fast funny and innuendo filled,,,, “good nite everybody Uncle Bobby is off to take his medicine” ‘Buuurp’ seems like 40 years ago….. wow it is

  21. Donna

    Hey Rob! Found this site and Wow, does it bring back some very old memories! Not sure if you would remember me if we met again? We dated for a while back in “77” You were one of my first Loves😉 Anyway, sure hope life has been good to you! Miss those Good Ol Days when Radio was Fun and Life was simple!! My children are grown with children of their own and Life is Good!!

  22. Donna

    I grew up listening to Y100 in “77” and I still listen to it today. Certainly not the same as back then! Robert W Walker and the rest of them knew how to make radio fun!! Those were the Good Ol Days!

  23. Larry

    Any time I get to hear a aircheck of y-100, I wish I lived in Miami when that station was doing it.

    Robert W. Walker is great and the other jocks I’ve heard over the years made that station stand out.

    I think Robert W. went on to do hot hits at WFEC in Harrisburg Pennsylvania a few years later.

    Stations that sounded like y-100 are what made so many of us do whatever we could to get a job in radio. To bad those days are over.

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