Ross & Wilson, 77 WABC New York | August 21, 1981

770 New York WABC

Ross & Wilson

For the thoroughly modern woman there’s now something called a One Night Stand Kit…

Contributor Ellis B. Feaster sent this in a few months ago, albeit in two separate parts. For the purpose of this presentation, I’ve woven the two together to create one aircheck. This is properly scoped, however, with only three music ‘breaks’, it’s not terribly important. And yes, I called them breaks, because in this aircheck, it’s almost the reverse of a music radio aircheck where the commercials are the break. Songs on the Ross & Wilson show started off a bit rare, and only decreased from there until the beginning of Talk Radio in June of 1982.

The morning show cast included Art Russ, Jr. on Sports, Joe Nolan (WCBS-FM) Traffic and Raza Gaye WABC Radar Weather. And here, just under 10 months to go in the music format, WABC STILL uses that trademark reverb!

I did a bit of noise reduction to reduce the tape hiss to something a bit less noticeable.


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