Steve West’s “Sunday Morning Time Machine”, 105-9 WMEX-LP Rochester NH | June 25, 2023

Steve West

1059 Rochester NH, WMEX, WMEX-LP, WMEX-FM

I’ve started archiving some of my latest work so that it’s here, both for demo purposes, and for historic purposes.
It occurs to me, at this point in time, the radio industry is in great peril. Not that those of us inside the business haven’t thought that for quite a while, but now, there’s a major threat to the remaining on-air jobs from AI. Yep. Artificial Intelligence. It costs stations nothing (right now) and they don’t need to pay jocks a salary. As of this writing, there’s one station in Oregon that just last week went All-AI.

Whether the listening public will accept AI and it’s digital sound, nobody really knows, but it’s more of a ‘how long will it take’ question, rather than an ‘if’. So, archiving as many current live shows along with the golden oldies seems like a good idea.

Who knew that back in 2002, we’d still be here posting the hits!

The Time Machine, as heard on WMEX, is a much different Time Machine than we did for WBLQ. Its different from any version of the oldies show you remember. This is a show that’s all music from the 1950s and early, pre-Beatles 1960s. We go WAY back and we play ALL the hits from back then.

This is telescoped, meaning, I took all the music out so we’re not in trouble with the copyright police, but you get the gist of how the station sounds. I left in the news at the top of the hour and the underwriting spots as well, for historical purposes. Please listen and enjoy, then wait for the video from “Airchexx Classic Radio” on YouTube.


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