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Joe Martelle, Rock & Roll Reunion, 98.5 WROR Boston Pt. 2 | March 17, 1985

It seems like a lifetime ago. Boston Radio was exciting and while the city’s original Oldies station was CHR at this time, Jor Martelle still reigned the king of all Oldies shows… Here was the first reunion!

Jim Roberts 90s Demo, WBMX Mix 98.5 Boston

This is a short demo dubbed from cassette. Apparently, it was rescued from a production room somewhere by Contributor David Boucher.

A Sample of Automated 98.5 WROR Boston | October, 1972

Despite this station’s heritage, there really are very few recordings available. Contributor Russ Oasis dug up this very short piece of audio.

The Rock & Roll Reunion, 98.5 WROR Boston | March 17-18, 1985 – Parts 3 & 4

These two segments feature Freddie Cannon, Joe Martelle and Dan Donovan

New England Composite, October-November 1978

Advertisements Original Comments: Close your eyes and imagine yourself in Boston. The year is 1978. You start tuning around the radio dial. You start on the AM band, because that’s where your favorite station hasContinue readingNew England Composite, October-November 1978