Month: March 2011

Pat Evans and Brian Bierne on KRTH K-Earth-101 Los Angeles | August 1981

Description by Webmaster Steve West In the Summer of 1981, my brother Mike spent his Summer vacation in Los Angeles with relatives and while there, recorded a few tapes of L.A. radio. of the 3 I had at one time, two managed to survive. The aircheck starts with Pat Evans’ morning show. Mr. Evans does a warm, personable show, although you won’t hear many of the elements of today’s modern morning shows. You will hear highlights of the previous day’s Angels game (and it sure is nice to hear Jim Fregosi’s name again). This first segment rolls for about 31 minutes, then “Mr. Rock & Roll”, Brian Bierne steps in and begins the K-Earth 101 mid-day show. Listen for Gary Owens doing a “Knudsen” yogurt spot (are they even in business anymore?)...

Introducing The Greaseman (Doug Tract), 1460 WAXC Rochester | 1972

…“You’d better have strong woofers & tweeters!” The beginnings of someone the world would come to know as the Greaseman. You hear the beginnings of a whirlwind career that would start here and reach the heights of the nation’s Capitol (at WRC and WWDC-FM “DC-101”) before moving into national syndication and then a spectacular fall from grace. Contributor Steve Bleecker goes on to describe: The Greaseman ! “You better have Strong Woofers & Tweeters” … Well, here’s the guy who WAS all the Talk! He Talked it…He Walked it…. right out of WAXC’s Front Door, to WRC, Washington DC! Again…a Huge Tribute to Larry White, Program Director. It’s quite amazing to hear this aircheck of “Grease&...

Steve Novack, 101.3 WSSV Saratoga NY | April 1992

Description by Contributor Steve Bleecker: I was often “tapped” to do fill-ins for our On-air Promotions Dir., Rob Connelly , as he was So Very busy doing race track related Remote Broadcasts…in a Huge effort to help the station “stay afloat” ! Rob is an amazing guy, now owner of not for Profit WXGR FM, Portsmouth, N.H. I was one of 3 or 4 Sales Reps. at WSSV, where I also learned Print Advertising ! We sold Print advertising (in our “Broadcaster Magazine”) as ADDED VALUE to those who purchased Radio Spots ! That knowledge would soon serve me VERY WELL in the years to come, as I became a Print Sales Rep. and Left Radio Broadcasting…For Good ! But, I hope you Enjoy my Style here in this Aircheck ! I “sorta’ knew” that “...

Jojo Kincaid, WVBF Framingham (Boston) | October, 1978

Jojo Kincaid has long been one of your webmaster’s favorites. Here’s Mr. Kincaid doing what he does best, and the tempo is so fast, the show so tight, it’s hard to keep up! The best Top 40 jocks were fast and this ‘check doesn’t disappoint! Recorded on a Friday night, Jojo Kincaid is kicking off a weekend dedicated to the ladies. You’d think that something like this would mean lots of sappy love songs… but not on the New F105! Its up tempo through most of this recording. This was from a time when WVBF had just got rid of most of it’s Disco. So, the playlist is VERY Rock oriented. No jingles here, as ‘VBF ditched the jingles in ’77 when it went to the F105 monniker. Jingles wouldn’t return until the Fall of 1980 shortly befor...

Bobby Day, CFRW Winnipeg | March 1979

First, a word from our contributor, Daniel Coulombe… Bobby Day has worked a number of Canadian cities and major radio top-40 stations like CFTR at Toronto. Here’s a great aircheck from March 1979. Bobby’s first airshift at 13CFRW in Winnipeg Mn. Here – he works the 1 am – 4 am shift trying best he can to learn the board and get comfortable with the format. The result makes for funny radio. Al Stewart (Al Gravelle) is in the background helping him out best he can. We can hear Al on Solid Gold Saturday’s on CJAD 800 in Montreal It took a Canadian aircheck to put me in an absolutly fantastic mood this morning! This rocks – and for so many reasons, among them, the rememberance that back in the day, an aspiring jock could come into a station, a manager ...

Composite, WAXC Rochester | 1972

Our good friend Steve Bleecker does it again! Here’s an amazingly good sounding sales demo tape put together sometime in the mid-1970s by a production whiz. That this survived all these years in this good a condition is amazing in and of itself, but the real beauty is in the way the ‘announcer’ uses the lingo of the 70s around a composite aircheck of WAXC, which includes jocks Larry Black, Don Ryan, Larry White and Bob Savage. There’s a great story behind this. Steve Bleecker describes… produced in ’72…as the station was ready to Launch…a very BIG DEAL at the time…because…for the first time in, like “forever”…WAXC’s emergence would threaten WBBF’s complete “Top 40” dominance…there wa...

Carrie Ashton & Chris Robin, 95.1 WRKI ‘I-95’ Brookfield CT | 2006

Courtesy of longtime Contributor Alan Fletcher, here’s an aircheck digitally encoded from the master studio reel. Yes, REEL. Rare as it is in this modern digital age, some people still use this very reliable form of recording. So, this is a very high-fidelity (our younger audience would say ‘HD’) recording. Carrie Ashton is heard here doing an acoustic set in the main studio of WRKI this particular morning in 2006. This was recorded in the 9AM hour Anyone in southwest Connecticut who may have heard this broadcast is invited to help us nail down the exact date.

Mike St. John, Oldies 98.1 WOGL Philadelphia | November 5, 1997

WOGL no longer identifies itself as “Oldies 98”, as many stations in recent years have dropped most music from the 1960s and even early 70s from their playlists. However, the “Oldies” format was alive and well in the late 90s. Here’s a 45 minute ‘check of WOGL Philadelphia, featuring Mike St. John. It was recorded during the midday drive time between 11:30 am and 12:15 pm on 11/5/97. Fans of WOGL are cordially invited to comment on this world-premier aircheck presentation!

Steve Jordan, Natural Neal & Michael O’Connor – 1260 KYA San Francisco | July 13, 1977

If only the East Coast had a Top 40 station like this! Oh… well, besides WABC. We here at Airchexx have put much focus on 610 KFRC as THE dominant station in San Francisco. But, the Bay area had stiff competition for much of the 1970s from crosstown KYA. In 1977, KYA did get close, but never beat KFRC. And it’s too bad, listening to this aircheck, KYA really COOKS! Is it me, or did KYA have more hard rock on the air than KFRC? Methinks so. But KYA did NOT have Dr. Don Rose, KFRC’s ace in the hole. KYA did have a smokin’ set of Positron jingles (JAM), and plenty of forward momentum in the format presentation. In the end, however, were we to rate this aircheck, it would get a 5 out of 5 based upon personality, format execution, excitement and momentum. Does it beat KF...

Donnie Simpson, 93.9 WKYS “Disco 93” Washington DC | 1979

This blows by in less than four minutes, but is a good representation of what evolved into the Washington DC market’s biggest Urban station. Seemingly every major market had one by the time 1979 was over. A Disco station. If anything, this represents the format that put the final nail in AM Top 40’s coffin. By the time most of these Disco stations moved on to a different format, around 1981, most of the AM Top 40 stations had given up on the format. Donnie Simpson is a big name in the DC market. To think, in many ways, to what came later in this market, it all started right here at WKYS.

Jim Elliot & Scott Woodside, WPGC AM & FM Morningside MD (Washington) | January, 1980

Originally sent in as ‘Washington DC Composite, 1979-1980′, We’ve split this up into separate sections for clarity. This is a great aircheck of WPGC back when they were a REAL Top 40 station. WPGC simulcast much of its broadcast day with its AM sister station. PGC was very personality oriented back in a time when the jocks could pretty much say what they wanted. You’ll hear all the full-service elements that good radio had back in the day; news, weather, sports, traffic… even commentary from the morning jocks! Jingles are from JAM Creative Productions’ “Positron” WABC package as sung for WPGC.