Steve Cherry, Gary James; WQMX “Mix 95” Medina, OH | April 13, 1989

The former WDBN is showcased in this short scope of the then reasonably new AC format known as “Mix 95”. The station does have liners indicating that they are on 94.9, although interestingly enough, they don’t seem interested in calling themselves by […]

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The Runners Up of Classic Rock and Roll Weekend; KRTH Los Angeles | August 29, 1987

Description by Contributor Jose Harrison: .. This specialty weekend (which began at 12 noon on Friday) involved all the songs that peaked at #2 (Runner’s Up) in Los Angeles from 1956 to 1979. It aired the weekend before Labor Day Weekend, every […]

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Cousin Bruce Morrow, 77 WABC New York | September, 1965

From the heyday of WABC, here’s a GREAT aircheck of Bruce Morrow when he was a teen jock. Right off we hear Brucie’s custom jingle recorded by the Four Seasons. You’ll love the classic commercials, like Coca-Cola recorded by Freddie and the […]

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Launch Day, 100.7 WXXP Pittsburgh | June 15, 1986

Nothing like an aircheck with no historical reference… Given that the tape that this was recorded on only lists this aircheck as having been recorded in June of ’86, we can only guess as to the date. There is one promo in […]

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Phil Gardner, 1220 WGAR Cleveland | May 1976

Phil Gardner is celebrating his two year anniversary on WGAR, and judging from the outstanding audio quality, it might have been put out on vynl or something – either that or someone took exceptionally good care of their tape! Dick Clark even […]

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Short Composite: WHK Cleveland | June 1986

At just over 6 minutes in length, there’s not much that can be said about this short aircheck, other than it was an AM Oldies station in 1986 – a time when most AM stations had already quit the music race. Still, […]

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Jim Runyon, WCFL Chicago | August, 1966

The Chicago Federation of Labor station, as heard during the Summer of 1966. The jock is Jim Runyon – he’s got a smooth voice, and the advertisements feature smooth ladies’ voices! At least, the one for “Compoz” does. You’ll hear five minutes […]

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Bill Ballance, KFWB Los Angeles | August 19, 1959

Here’s one that barely needs any introduction. Bill Ballance was a legendary Deejay from the dawning days of AM Top 40 radio. The format hadn’t been around that long in 1959, but KFWB was on top of the ratings in those days. […]

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Glen Burnie & Richard Hamilton, 1290 WGLI Babylon NY | July, 1982

Its been a while since this tape contributed by Ira Warren Patasnik was sent in, but we here at Airchexx give everyone equal time. This is the Glen Burnie, Rich Hamilton show featuring our contributor as Glen Burnie. While the tape is […]

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The “Bobby Blue Demo” Tape – Bob Marini

Contributor Bob Marini sure has a lot to contribute to the radio industry – he’s even got his own website! Bob sent in a few airchecks but I think it’s appropriate to start with this demo tape. This SOUNDS like a great […]

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Denny St. John, 1050 KOFY San Francisco | June, 1986

Here’s an interesting aircheck of a radio station which did much to promote itself, not only as an Oldies station playing music from the 1950s, but as a daytime only AM station that was on the verge of getting its nighttime authority […]

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