QuickChexx: “Nice T”, The Soulful Journey – 88.1 WZIP Akron | March 1, 1991

This comes to us via one of many assorted airchecks on a tape provided by Robyn Watts. Recorded on 3/1/91, this starts with ABC network News, (while he doesn’t say, sounds like anchor Doug Limerick) and goes directly into a sweeper about […]

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T. Michael Jordan on KKDJ Los Angeles | May, 1973

“KKDJ… With over Eight-Thousand minutes of music a week” Before KIIS-FM, there was KKDJ. Beginning in 1971, KKDJ (which, according to sources, was indeed related to 97 WWDJ Hackensack, NJ) began an automated (we’d call it ‘live assist’ today) Top 40 format […]

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Composite: 1260 KYA San Francisco | September, 1973

Well, isn’t this aircheck reminiscent of a similar crisis we’re experiencing today? It opens up with a ‘special’ bulliten where KYA tells listeners that they will suspend normal public service messages in order to tell Bay area residents where they can purchase […]

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Rich “Brother” Robbin on KCBQ San Diego | December, 1973

Who woulda thought that in 1973 AM Top 40 would sound this good! Rich Brother Robin could open a university on how to do high-energy radio. Perhaps he should… the former WSRR (now WKIM) Memphis PD and creator of the Classic Hits […]

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The Jerry Williams Show. 1510 WMEX | April 11, 1961

The man known as “The Dean of Talk Radio” was captured on this rare recording made all the way back in 1961. The late Jerry Williams, probably the earliest controvercial talk show host in American radio, spent several years at what would […]

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Charlie Van Dyke with Rick Dees on 93 KHJ Los Angeles | 1976

If you haven’t heard this aircheck before, you’re definitely in for a treat. Memphians know that Rick Dees was a huge star at WHBQ around the time of this aircheck. And if you think he was good there, put Dees in the […]

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Marvelous Mark Counts Down the Top 100 of 1977 on 610 KFRC San Francisco | January 2, 1978

This aircheck is much too short!!! In superb quality, this ‘check was recorded the day after New Years’ ’78. Not looking at the calendar just now, I figure this was probably a Saturday or Sunday. It’s all music, and Marvelous Marc is […]

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The Real Don Steele, 1020 KTNQ Los Angeles | July 5, 1977

A world-premier aircheck that’s been sitting around the studio for a few years is this digitized copy of the original studio reel of “The Real” Don Steele on Ten-Q! Here’s one of the most high-energy jocks ever, captured on this unbelievably high-quality […]

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Hudson & Harrigan on KILT Houston | 1977

And now… the legendary Hudson and Harrigan! Plenty of excitement and fun on this legendary Top 40 powerhouse in the waning days of AM Top 40! This and the KRBE aircheck posted today came to us via an ‘anonymous’ contributor back around […]

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Dick Drury, KGB San Diego | November, 1963

Here’s one of the old KGB… you gotta go way back to hear cigarette commercials and those old jingles which all seemed to be sung to a large brass orchestra. It’s the Pre-Drake era at San Diego’s KGB, back when music radio […]

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John Richbourg, 1510 WLAC Nashville | Program 10, Sometime, 1970s

Its impossible to nail down the date of this classic original broadcast. Not sure when ‘Program 10’ aired, nor are we sure of how the numbering scheme worked. Perhaps someone out there knows. We’re re-releasing this post with a few enhancements. Here’s […]

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