Robert Murphy, 101.1 WKQX (Q101) Chicago | January 1984

The competition was incredible, and so was the air talent heard every morning in Chicagoland during this, the heyday of FM CHR! Courtesy of Robyn Watts’ fabulously wonderful collection, we bring you Robert Murphy and[…]

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96.3 Chicago, WBBM-FM

Dick Biondi, WBBM-FM (B96) Chicago | January 1984

Who woulda thought Dick Biondi would still be doing Top 40 some 20+ years after his first gig at WLS? This is Chicago’s BIG CHR B96! Biondi is… well all i can say is it[…]

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97.9 Chicago, WLUP

Morning Madness: Jonathan Brandmeier on 97.9 WLUP-FM Chicago | January 1984

And now, what finished off WLS’ personality rock format for good! By 1984, WLUP was THE king of rock stations in Chicago (and by 1986 the grand experiment to turn the rockers into talkers by[…]

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103.5 Chicago, WFYR

CK Cooper on 103 1/2 WFYR Chicago | 1984

This one will take you way back, way before Jammin’ Oldies, way before Classic Rock, AOR and Active Rock and back when RKO General still owned “Fire”! It’s Monday morning and CK’s first day on[…]

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100.7 Miami Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, Y100, WHYI, CHR, Jade Alexander, Kenny Walker, 1990s, 1996

Harley Davidson Demo, WHYI (Y-100) Miami | 1986

This, apparently, is an edited demo tape probably done by HD himself. How these things get into the pipeline of airchecks floating around is anyone’s guess, but this surely was good enough to get any[…]

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102.1 Springfield WAQY Rock 102

John O’Brien; The “Memorial Day 500”, 102.1 WAQY Springfield | May 24, 1987

An original recording from Webmaster Steve West, here’s John O’Brien (WCCC, Bax & O’Brien WAQY Morning Show) counting down the biggest songs of the Classic Rock era. Packaged as the Memorial Day 500, WAQY attempted[…]

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680 Memphis WMPS

Memphis Composite – WHBQ, WMPS, Others | September 2, 1972

Well… Look what we found lurking on the back of a KLIF tape… Dueling Top 40 stations 56 WHBQ (RKO General) and 68 WMPS (Plough)! Imagine the surprise hearing this tape. Rob Grayson, where are[…]

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98.7 FM Dallas KNUS Karl Ireland KLUV

Jim White / Tommy Kramer on KNUS 99 Dallas | 1972

KNUS 99 – 98.7 to be exact, was McLendon’s FM powerhouse. Originally slated to be an all-news station, and almost never to be because Gordon McLendon almost sold it in the 60s, KNUS turned out[…]

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1190 Dallas KLIF

QuickChexx: 1190 KLIF Dallas | 1972

The next series of airchecks pertain to the Dallas market – in particular, Gordon McLendon’s contribution to broadcast history in ’72. Perhaps there has been no greater innovator in all of broadcast history than McLendon,[…]

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610 San Francisco, KFRC

Jackson Armstrong, 610 KFRC San Francisco | December 30, 1982

Here’s a generous dose of quick-witted, fast talking Jack Armstrong… on our favorite station KFRC! Notables for this aircheck include tons of 80s era jingles, a real CHR approach and while it wasn’t labelled this[…]

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1020 Pittsburgh KDKA

Jackson Armstrong on KDKA Pittsburgh | October 12, 1975

Listening to this you’ll NEVER believe that it’s your LEEEEEEEeeeeeeaaader! from KB and elsewhere! Jack Armstrong has to be one of the most versatile jaws in radio, and to be working for Westinghouse Broadcasting…. who[…]

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Composite: 1260 KXLR San Francisco

This is a very unique aircheck. First off, it’s not a music station, but there is music, in portions of this aircheck (strangely enough, as one song ends, there’s a long pause before the next[…]

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