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Format Change: “New Rock” 99X Atlanta is Born | October 26, 1992

Courtesy of Karl Phillips, who sent in a ton of airchecks on reel, here’s one on cassette captured when former Atlanta CHR WAPW “Power 99” flipped to New Rock as 99X. On the tape you’ll hear the old call letters still in […]

Tagged 1992, Atlanta, Format Change

Broadway Bill Lee, 103.5 WKTU New York | May 30, 1997

New Contributor Cecelia Taylor-Hunt sent in over 90 minutes of Bill Lee on “The Beat of New York”. Before you say, ‘this isn’t top 40’, you really must listen. 103-5 KTU is doing some killer promotions around this time, and remember, this […]

Tagged 1997, Broadway Bill Lee, New York

Composite: 79 WQXI Atlanta | September, 1966

There’s a reason why industry experts in the 1960s and early 70s chose WQXI as the southern leader in the Top 40 format, and much of it is on exhibit here. If you can get by the scratchy sound of this recording, […]

Tagged 1966, Atlanta, Composite

Jay Michaels, 670 KBOI Boise | July 29, 1984

Heres our first glimpse of the Boise Idaho market. This part of the United States radio landscape is quite under-represented. Imagine driving out on, say, I-90 in the northern Rocky Mountains. Theres very few FM stations to listen to, but on AM […]

Tagged 1984, Boise, Jay Michaels

Don Bleu, Rick Shaw; 99.7 KYUU San Francisco | August 5, 1988

KYUU was launched with those call letters by then owner NBC, in 1978. The station was Top 40 for most of its existence, but in 1988, NBC began selling off all of it’s radio properties to concentrate solely on Television. Emmis purchased […]

Tagged 1988, Don Bleu, Rick Shaw, San Francisco

Composite: 1050 WHN New York | February 9, 1976

Get ready to be entertained. Go pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down and listen! Here’s an hour and a half of Country legend 1050 WHN. The first voice you hear is that of a relatively unknown Country Music singer known […]

Tagged 1976, Composite, New York

John Mack Flanagan; Marvelous Mark, 610 KFRC San Francisco | December 28, 1977

Recorded just a few days before the start of 1978, Airchexx Contributor, friend and personality John Mack Flanagan is heard on his afternoon show, followed by Marvelous Mark. This is a very high-energy aircheck and shows the incredible momentum KFRC had, even […]

Tagged 1977, John Mack Flanagan, Marvelous Mark, San Francisco

The Jennings and Martin Program; 1090 KAAY Little Rock | October 13, 1972

Courtesy of, we travel back to 1972 to listen to what morning drive sounded like on the Mighty 1090! KAAY is something of a legend among radio listeners in the Southwest part of America, with its 50,000 watt signal covering nearly […]

Tagged 1972, Jennings and Martin, Little Rock

Scott & Todd, 95.5 WPLJ New York | October 7, 1992

10/7/92 happens to be a Wednesday… a fact Scott Shannon points out right at the beginning of this high quality aircheck donated by Robyn Watts from her collection of tapes from California Aircheck. This one is from tape #152. We’ll give a […]

Tagged 1992, New York, Scott Shannon, Todd Pettingill