Machine Gun Kelly, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | November 7, 1975

Date of Recording: November 7, 1975 Station: 930 KHJ Los Angeles, California Featured Air Talent: Machine Gun Kelly Contributor: Robyn Watts Aircheck Entry: 1,420 Comments: This recording was recorded HOT! Hot recording levels to almost distortion levels, the tape ran very fast […]

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Joel Cash, 68 WRKO Boston | August, 1972

Date of Recording: August, 1972 (Exact date unknown) Station: 680 WRKO Boston, Massachusetts Featured Air Talent: Joel Cash Contributor: Robyn Watts – 114 Unique Additions as of this aircheck! Aircheck Entry: 1,419 Comments: Four minutes, 16 seconds is all we get of […]

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Old Gold 1971 Remastered, Part 1 of 4

Going WAY back to the beginning of this website – well, okay, WAY back to the days when the radio industry trade circulated audio specials on vynl, here’s a completely re-mastered copy of one of the very first exhibits we had on […]

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Dan Taylor in the Morning, WCBS-FM 101.1 New York | July 26, 2007

It’s not often I get New York FM stations up here in Massachusetts, but this particular July morning we had a bit of a tropo opening along the east coast, giving me the opportunity to hear WCBS-FM for the first time ever […]

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Tracy Mitchell, Burle Baurer – 950 KJR Seattle | December 27, 1975

Date of Recording: December 27, 1975 Station: 950 KJR Seattle, Washington Featured Air Talent: Tracy Mitchell, Merle Bear, Chris Hill (News/Weather) Contributor: Robyn Watts Aircheck Entry: 1,416 Comments: How did the old KJR on 950 AM sound in the mid-1970s? Here’s a […]

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Jimi Foxx, KFMB-FM San Diego | March 14, 1976

Date of Recording: March 14, 1976 Station: 100.7 KFMB-FM San Diego, California Featured Air Talent: Jimi Foxx Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 1,415 Comments: B-100 Boogies On!! And if you like sped up records, fast talking jocks and Bobby Rich’s monster Top […]

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Blue in the Morning, 99.7 KYUU San Francisco | August 9, 1988

After the demise of KFRC two years earlier, CHR was left only to the FM band, and this station, KYUU. Here’s a long aircheck of Blue in the Morning, with all the essential elements of modern morning shows… news, traffic, weather, entertainment […]

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Roy Hennessey, 730 CKLG Vancouver BC | December 30, 1974

Date of Recording: December 30, 1974 Station: 730 CKLG Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Featured Air Talent: Roy Hennessey Contributor: Robyn Watts Aircheck Entry: 1,414 Comments: CKLG on 730 kHz traces its roots to 1958 when it moved to that frequency from 1070. […]

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Marco Polo, WKTQ Pittsburgh | May 28, 1973

Date of Recording: May 28, 1973 Station: 1320 WKTQ Pittsburgh Featured Air Talent: Marco Polo Contributor: Robyn Watts Aircheck Entry: 1,413 Comments: How many stations used an approach similar to this one in the early to mid 70s? WKTQ is branded here […]

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Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Steve West), 94.1 WOGY Germantown/Memphis | July 29, 2000

Date of Recording: July 29, 2000 Station: 94.1 WOGY Germantown, Tennessee Featured Air Talent: Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Steve West) Aircheck Entry: 1,412 Comments: Country station WOGY – Froggy 94 – came along in 1993 after being several other formats since it first […]

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101.1 WCBS-FM Returns from Jack | July 12, 2007

When Dan Mason returned as President of CBS Radio in the Spring of 2007, the first thing he did was make it clear that many of the blunders of the past few years needed to be fixed. The “Free-FM” brand was slowly […]

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Bob Summers, WRVQ Q-94.5 Richmond | July 5, 1997

Date of Recording: July 5, 1997 Station: 94.5 WRVQ Richmond VA Featured Air Talent: Bob Summers Aircheck Entry: 1,411 Comments: For this aircheck, Q94-5 is celebrating its 25th anniversary all weekend. The sweepers are really good and the station is high energy! […]

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