1450 AM San Francisco, KSOL, KSAN, Sly Stone, Urban, Soul

Sly Stone, KSOL San Francisco | December 24, 1964

Date of Recording: 12.24.1964 Station: 1450 KSOL (Frequency Call Letter History: KGGT/KGGC/KSAN/KSOL/KEST) San Francisco, California, USA Format: R&B Featured Air Personality: Sylvester Stewart (Professionally, “Sly Stone”) Comments: What’s New: We have updated the station history[…]

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98.3 Greenfield MA WHAI 1240 Greenfield

Steve Sawyer, 98.3//1240 WHAI AM/FM Greenfield MA | October 25, 1998

Date of Recording: 10.25.1998 Station: 1240 AM (WHMQ) / 98.3 FM WHAI Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA Format: Adult Contemporary (AC) Featured Air Talent: Steve Sawyer (West) (WCAT/WFGL/WFMP/WXLO/WHAI/WINQ/WEZL/KOUL/KLTG/WOGY/WMBZ/WGKX/WJZN/WMC-FM/IRN/WCTZ) Contributor: Steve Sawyer Airchexx Entry: 1,465 We get to[…]

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103.1 Greensboro NC WUAG

Jarrell Mason Interviews Airchexx Webmaster Steve West, WUAG 103.1 Greensboro NC | March 20, 2009

Date of Recording: March 20, 2009 Station: 103.1 WUAG Greensboro NC Format: College Featured Air Personalities: Jarrel Mason, Steve West Contributor: Jarrel Mason Comments: Perhaps the most creative radio that can be heard today is[…]

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102.1 South Brampton Toronto CFNY

Ted & Geets, 102.1 CFNY South Brampton/Toronto | December 12, 1985

Date of Recording: 12.12.1985 Station: 102.1 CFNY Toronto, Ontario, Canada Format: Free-Form Album Rock Featured Air Personalities: Ted Woloshyn, Geets Romo Contributor: Russ Horton Airchexx Entry: 1,463 “…this should make your morning much more pleasant…”[…]

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