John Mack Flanagan inducted into the National Radio DJ Hall of Fame – video | September 3, 2016’s National Radio DJ Hall of Fame has opened and our very first inductee is John Mack Flanagan! John began his career in Arizona, and after honorably serving with the US Army in Vietnam, resumed[…]

John Mack Flanagan and Wolfman Jack, 560 KSFO/KYA-FM 93.3 San Francisco | June, 1992

Date of Recording: June, 1992 (Exact date unknown) Station(s): 560 KSFO San Francisco, KYA-FM 93.3 San Francisco Featured Air Talent: John Mack Flanagan, Wolfman Jack Contributor: John Mack Flanagan Aircheck Entry: 1,407 Comments: This is[…]