Composite: 980 CKGM Montreal | December 31, 1981

Composite 98 CKGM Montreal Tonight, we’re gonna pretend it’s New Year’s Eve, 1961! This Composite from CKGM Montreal really has everything included. It starts out with a nearly full newscast from Bob Hodge, then drops right into PM drive with a jock named simply, Beau. That runs for about 12 minutes or so. Then, there’s a bit of dial-spinning, done by the recording’s originator. There’s a small break in this recording (although you listeners don’t hear that because I tightened up the aircheck for posting). It picks up at the end of The Rolling Stones – “Start Me Up”, right in the middle of “Countdown Montreal”, this night doing the Top 98 of 1981. The tape ended before the countdown did, and unfortunately, we don’...

Joe Leone Demo, CKIS “Oldies 990” Montreal | 1992

Contributor Daniel Coulombe from Canada sent this in a few years ago. Joe Leone was a personality on this short-lived incarnation of what once was the legendary Bilingual Top 40 CKGM. Perhaps our favorite top 40 personalities of all time were heard on CKGM, but you should really judge for yourself. Appropriately running about 3 minutes in length, this highlights not only Joe Leone’s air talent, but the whole sound of “Oldies 990” in general.

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