Boston Red Sox 2018 Champions

Update: 08.29.2018

Red Sox Win 2018 World SeriesThis update is just the thoughts of your friendly curator/webmaster/owner and Program Director. Wait. How many hats DO I wear? Oh yea. php coder, html writer and audio engineer. Add those in.

Well… Hi gang! Update time. I’ll try to do this about once a week just to let you all know what’s going on here at airchexx.

  • Baseball!

First off, let us talk about something totally unrelated to Airchexx – unless one day I can legally post some full-length games, but with MLB having a copyright on all games called, that’s probably not going to happen. My Boston Red Sox are World Champions of Baseball once again! I can’t believe it! FOUR times since I was in Memphis Tennessee. Up till then, we fans waited and waited and waited. Several generations lived and died between 1912 and 2008, all waiting and hoping that our boys from Boston would win a WS.. it took until MY generation to see it!

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