Harry Chapman on WMPS 680 Memphis | July 19, 1963

Courtesy of Skip Reynolds, CE of Entercom Memphis… Skip tells us he found this tape at the transmitter site of what is now WSMB 680 a while back. This is an original recording of Harry[…]

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102.7 Chicago WVAZ iHeartMedia

Lea Hamilton, 102.7 WVAZ Chicago | July, 1990

“V 103, The Best Variety of Hits and Dustys” Six minutes of Classic Soul are heard here in this 1990 recording showcased by aircheck distributor California Aircheck. Our Contributor donated a large number of these[…]

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550 Providence Pawtucket WGNG Brad Pierce

Brad Pierce, 550 WGNG Pawtucket (Providence) | 1974

“Nine out of ten prizes have been won in the Win 10 Bin…” This runs just over 5 minutes. But in those 5 minutes, think back to how AM radio sounded like right in the[…]

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107.9 FM Boston Medford Kiss 108 WXKS-FM WWEL-FM Dale Dorman Matt Siegal JJ Wright JoJo Kincaid Matty in the Morning

Composite: 107.9 WXKS-FM Medford (Boston) | February 8, 2000

Its finally 2000. Four years after Telcom ’96 began the steady stream of consolidation of radio groups, most of the major market stations are still live and intact. This is Boston! One of America’s greatest[…]

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93.1 Chicago WXRT Terri Hemmert

QuickChexx: Terri Hemmert, 93.1 WXRT Chicago | June 12, 1991

A very pleasant voice greets listeners to the Terri Hemmert Show on 93-XRT. Chicago had a really GREAT, Quality Rock station with a wide variety of Rock – at least for a few years. This[…]

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680 AM Boston WRKO WNAC

QuickChexx: Chip Hobart, 68 WRKO Boston | 1974

Running about 3 minutes, Courtesy of Contributor Steve Bleecker, here’s a short, clean, and well processed WRKO featuring Chip Hobart. I’m guessing the year 1974 here, since the tape came without the date on it.[…]

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990 Philadelphia WIBG WZZD WNTP

Bill Wright, WIBG 990 Philadelphia | August 1, 1966

“Look out everybody, this is hot wax!!!” We begin by warning listeners: The audio quality on this recording is horrible. Despite my best efforts, the tape sounds muddy, grainy, has dropouts and a very strange[…]

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1470 WAXC Steve Bleecker Larry Black Don Ryan Bob Savage Rochester AM

WAXC Demo Tape | 1972

Here’s what probably was a sales demo used by station salespeople to give potential advertisers an idea of what the station sounded like. A very common practice in the industry in the years prior to[…]

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100.7 Miami Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, Y100, WHYI, CHR, Jade Alexander, Kenny Walker, 1990s, 1996

Tom Birch, WHYI Y-100 Miami | 1975 (Corrected)

Longtime Contributor Steve Bleecker returns with a new look into some long forgotten personalities. Included in his latest tape, is this early FM Top 40 screamer Tom Birch. This was high energy you’d find on[…]

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1380 Wilmington DE WAMS WTMC

John Mack, 1380 WAMS Wilmington DE | August 3, 1979

Was THIS any way for a great Top 40 station to end up? A Traveler’s Advisory Station?!! WAMS, the call letters, went through a number of frequency changes at the end of it’s life from[…]

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Airchexx Where Classic Radio Lives

Don Walker, 101.7 WKNZ Collins MS | May, 1982

Here’s a station where its very difficult to map out the history of the original station. In fact, we’re not sure exactly what station is on 101.7 since there are conflicting stations listed by different[…]

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103.3 Boston WODS WEEI-FM WHTT

Boston DJ Legend Dale Dorman ‘Passes’ the Audition – with J. J. Wright, WODS Boston | September 9, 2003

Over a decade ago within the confines of the WODS Studios in Boston, Dale Dorman was welcomed with open arms after spending most of the previous two decades doing CHR radio at crosstown WXKS-FM “Kiss-108”.[…]

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