100.7 KFMB-FM

Shotgun Tom Kelly, KFMB-FM B100 San Diego |Undated

Curator’s Notes: Well yea.. all of you looking at the logo are saying “That’s not what B100’s logo looked like!”. True, but it does fit the legal ID that KFMB-FM used during the B100 era! Realize that there is a KFMB (AM) station that back in this era was Full Service Adult Contemporary. Original Comments: Contributors Joyce and Bob were eager to add this really short recording of Shotgun Tom Kelly on B100 FM! We don’t have a date for this one, but there are a few audio clues and we’ll let you listeners figure out when. This is Steve West. Most of you don’t know that I have no income at present and since the second of July, we have used all of our resources. My family and I are hoping that donations to airchexx will continue, to help us survi...

Shotgun Tom Kelly, 100.7 KFMB-FM San Diego | 1978

Date of Recording: 1978 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 100.7 KFMB-FM, San Diego, California (Today’s KFMB-FM) Featured Air Talent: Shotgun Tom Kelly (KACY, KAFY, KERO-TV, KGB, KCBQ, KRIZ, KGTV (TV), KFMB (AM), KBZT, KRTH) Contributor: Daniel Coulombe Date of Contribution: 10.16.2016 Aircheck Entry: 1,445 B-100 San Diego, Makin’ history in Southern California with fewer commercial interruptions! Comments: Here’s a very short scope of legendary west coast Top 40 radio personality Shotgun Tom Kelly (Tom Irwin). You can feel the momentum that builds every time the mic opens. B-100 COOKS!

Jimi Foxx, KFMB-FM San Diego | March 14, 1976

Date of Recording: March 14, 1976 Station: 100.7 KFMB-FM San Diego, California Featured Air Talent: Jimi Foxx Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 1,415 Comments: B-100 Boogies On!! And if you like sped up records, fast talking jocks and Bobby Rich’s monster Top 40 creation you will certainly LOVE this very early incarnation of B-100-FM! We can’t say anything more than others have already said about B-100, so spend four minutes listening to this scope, then write your comments in the space below!

Composite: KFMB-FM “B100” San Diego |February 13, 1980

Bobby Rich would say it all started here. Nothing before or that came after it would compare to the mighty CHR giant sitting at 100.7. At least, not in San Diego! The Top Hour ID ALWAYS went – “KFM – BFM San Diego’s FM!”….. And, it WAS! Here it is, as Glenn McCartney mentions, the day before Valentine’s day, and B100 is giving away cash! Lots of it. Lots of personality in this radio station for listeners to stay glued to, day after day. Here’s the lineup, as heard on this scoped recording: Shotgun Tom Kelly Glenn McCartney Kevin Anderson Danny Wild Spanky Cathy Awnin (sp?) The lineup would change over the years, but the talent that went through the doors at this radio station was amazing! We’d be quite remiss if we didn’t point ou...

Bobby Rich, AZ Hall of Fame Induction Montage

Bobby Rich is not only a great jock, but he’s also an official Airchexx Contributor! This was submitted on the occasion of Bobby’s induction into the Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame! Airchexx visitors and his listeners over the years knew already that Bobby Rich is a world-class (and darn funny) broadcaster, and being inducted into the HOF the first time his name was submitted only affirmed what we already knew! I asked Bobby what this recording was, and his response was: It was played as part of the induction ceremony to AZ Broadcasters Hall Of Fame, October 2013. It takes me through most of the stations I’ve worked for in 40 years. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this as much as I did posting it!

Chuck Browning, KFMB-FM ‘B-100’ San Diego | April 1976

“B100 FM with the Original Chucker…” And you’re asking where we dug this up?! Too bad this is only about three minutes long. Chuck Browning was heard all over America within and outside the RKO chain of radio stations, including WXLO New York and KFRC San Francisco, both of which are posted right here on! Courtesy of…

QuickChexx: The Rocketman, KFMB-FM San Diego | June, 1975

We’re thinking of Bobby Rich and his internet station ‘Bobby’s B-100‘ as this new Robyn Watts QuickChexx goes up. Sure, this is but three minutes long, but that’s long enough to get a feel for the energy level B-100 had even in 1976! No jingles, just a jock and a stack of records (or was it carts?). April 6, 2005 was the end of it all, as KFMB-FM, which had moved to Modern AC as “Star 100.7” in 1994, finally succumed to the ‘Jack-FM’ craze that ate up stations in Canada and the U.S. that year (including 101.1 WCBS-FM New York which mercifully reverted back to Classic Hits just two years into the format after tons of listener complaints), a format which continues today. Click here to visit their website. Now, listen to San Diego’s ...

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