October 28, 2021

4 thoughts on “Roby Yonge, 105.9 WAXY-FM Miami | July 7, 1985

  1. Roby was very good at customizing recorded spots to the specifications of the advertiser. I heard that he could “squeeze” any amount of information into a sixty second spot. He did all the ads for the Levitz Furniture Warehouse. Those spots were played on radio and TV stations in South Florida.

  2. Roby was known as the “Big Kahuna” when he was on WQAM. I don’t know if he could really surf, but I think he tried on many occasions. Roby was a great talent who let his demons take over his life. He’s missed.

  3. Thank you for mentioning WQAM, Jay. The aircheck description failed to mention that Roby Yonge had been a deejay on the legendary Miami Top 40 station in the mid-’60s and in 1967 before joining WABC at the beginning of the following year. Which brings me to this question: Does anybody have any airchecks of Roby when he was on WQAM or Wa

  4. OOPS! A slip of the built-in mouse! I was asking if anybody had any Roby Yonge airchecks from WQAM and/or WABC. Much thanks to anybody who does.

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