Bob Stewart, Capital Gold 1548 AM London | January 21, 1996

Bob Stewart (left) and friends, legends of U.K. Broadcasting Courtesy of Contributor Russ Horton, we have a unique recording of a DJ whose voice sounds quite similar to “The Duke of Louisville”. It’s not him, of course, but Bob Stewart definitely has a great set of pipes! Listening to Capital Gold, one can understand why the Oldies of the 1960s tend to bring everyone together. Music that was recorded at a time before splintered radio formats, mp3 devices, iPhones and computer sharing, Top 40 stations in the U.K. played much the same music as their Canadian and U.S. station counterparts. Perhaps the British stations had deeper playlists than the Americans, but we don’t hear too much of that difference in this aircheck, except for some Beatles album cuts that get play...

Tony Prince, 1520 (199 Meters) Radio Caroline North | March 1, 1966

Here is a slightly restored (to remove noise and enhance the fidelity) aircheck of Tony Prince, donated to us by Russ Horton. There is a huge connection here, in that, Tony Prince is still very active in radio and in 2018, launched a new internet radio station called “United DJs”, featuring many names from the Pirate radio era of the U.K. The roster of talent includes Mike Read, Emperor Rosko, David Hamilton, Dave Lee Travis and from Canada, Russ Horton! Attempting to tell the story of Radio Caroline is daunting, at best. The ship that actually carried the name Caroline was actually the MV Fredericia, that when purchased by Irish Broadcaster Ronan O’Rahilly was renamed the MV Caroline. It was known as “Caroline North” for much of the station’s early hist...

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