Bob Bolton, 79 WQXI Atlanta | August 1969

Bob Bolton, 79 WQXI Atlanta | August 1969

790 Atlanta WQXIBack in April of 2012, we posted this fairly short aircheck of Bob Bolton from contributor Karl Phillips’ collection. Now, I’m building the YouTube video version of our airchecks and this just went up.

Airchexx Classic Radio” is our OFFICIAL YouTube Channel. You can access the channel via this link.  Meanwhile, view this aircheck below.

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  1. Rex Lee Harrison

    Thank you for this aircheck.. And did you catch the voice of the one and only Skinny Bobby Harper? Yes, Good old Bob Harper on the air at the mighty
    790 WQXI . What A Station , I miss this station so much. Now only a sports station,
    a pretty good one , I must add, but still this was real am top 40 in the big A..

  2. Bill Laurie

    Great to listen to “Bashful” Bob Bolton. Had the pleasure of working with Bob at WBBQ in the mid 60s. Always top rated, a great personality with lots of wit. At BBQ he ran a “Pepsi Party” Saturday nights and sometimes had some wild scavanger hunts. Those were the good ole days of Radio !

    • Bill,

      Please let me know if you receive this email. I’m going through a post that is 8 years old. Thanks.

      Paul Adams (the last Good Guy ever hired at WBBQ)

  3. Karl Phillips

    Bill I wish I knew where Bob was now.
    Rex – I now work with Bobby Harpers daughter here at my business.


  4. eric shapiro

    thank you so much for this.

    wqxi was a big part of growing up in atlanta and a big influence on becoming a musician.

  5. David Weiss

    Bob Bolton (GM) = 775 289 2077 at KELY (AM) & KCLS (FM)in Ely Nevada

    Bob helped get me into Radio at WBBQ and we worked together at WQXI. He left for WOWO & I woke up, recognized I was in the wrong business and moved on in 1974.

    Hello Mr. Laurie, my dad ran Macy’s in Augusta and advertised on BBQ.

    • Jim Fisher

      Very unique to hear of the old days & good times. MMD machine, Bolton Out to Lunch Bunch, “with a pheasant under glass, or a chubbie decker”

      Dave Weiss – remember an Oglethorpe broadcaster who hung around during your overnights at QXI? Send me an e-mail.

  6. Ron Parker

    Dave Weiss – Contact me – Tomm Rivers, Lee Logan and I are looking for you!

    Still not sure if I’m in the right business – And thanks getting me in at WQXI !!


  7. Great hearing an aircheck of Bob Bolton. I listened to him when he worked at WFBR in Baltimore in the 80’s.

  8. Ron Craighead

    Thanks QXI for posting the Bob Bolton aircheck! In Augusta, all the kids in my neighborhood were glued to WBBQ – Tiger Radio in 1967-69. The on-air contests and rapport with the audience was FANTASTIC! And the music was amazing. During the summer, they would have ‘Underground Hour’ on ‘BBQ FM. That’s where I heard the full-length version of ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’for the first time. AND they were the only AM station around that played the full-length ‘Crimson & Clover’. I had a collection of reel-to-reels and weekly top 40 lists that I cherished and were unfortunately lost.
    Thanks for the memories!!

  9. larry dickman

    the ad’s are so awesome

    Taber Pontiac, Big Chief Taber, Milo Hamilton, RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRight every time……….how great to hear that again… the major malls at the time n dekalb, greenbriar, lenox square………..minnie pearl roast beef!i remember that down across from Green’s just east of the old Sears on Ponce (just a short table-dance away from the Cleremont)
    and Sears Junior Bazaar, my sister and her friends (fernbank) loved that stuff


    I decided to Google my name and was blown away by reading about the folks who remembered me in the “bad” old days of radio with WBBQ, WQXI, WFUN and WOWO. That was a great run but radio broadcasting still is for me. I’m presently the Corporate GM for too many radio stations in Nevada and Colorado. It was more fun when we did the scavenger hunts in Augusta, Georgia. Please contact me if you’d like to hear what happened after the 70’s. Dave Weiss did well with Procter and Gamble and had another interesting career after radio. Mike Dineen “Dino” who followed me to WQXI from WBBQ is still in Augusta and still in broadcasting. My best to all of you. I’ll celebrate 50 years in broadcasting next year and really did start with WBBQ when I was 13—honest!!!


      I worked with Bob at ‘FUN IN MIAMI RADIO’ WFUN……..We were great friends back them…would love to hear from you Bob.

      • teddy

        Tim..hey this your old friend teddy..we haven’t talk in yrs and some how I found this website..hope things are going well for for u..writeme back and let me know what you’re up to..better yet here’s my number 702-544-6996..take care..teddy

      • teddy

        Tim. Hey its teddy. I wrote u earlier but i’m sure if it went thru. Like i told u before it’s good to see your name pop up on this website. I have no idea how i found it. Let me know what you’ve been up to. Write back when u get a chance or give me a call at 702-544-6996. I’m still in vegas

    • John Bodiford


      I remember you when you went to do the morning show on the WIZARD in Baldwin County, Al. I was running the two stations in Bay Minette, Al. We met and had dinner one night with the families. I am now the Market Manager in Auburn/Opelika, Al of 6 stations for Qantum Communications. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since those days. I remember listening to you on WQXI also.
      Glad you are still in broadcasting. We need all the good broadcasters we can find.

    • bob Gordon

      Re bob….bet you don’t have as much fun as we had in Augusta. that was years ago. well I ended up in tv. was the chief meterologist at wrdw. often think of the days with you and mike. in fact weren’t you in my wedding. give me a call at 706 294 6772. I am retired now after 33 years in tv. would be good to catch up on things.

    • Ron McKay

      Hey Little Bobbie: I would REALLY love to get in touch with you….that is, IF YOU WANT. Please contact me as there are things we need to discuss. I still love you….uh, in a platonic way…..hee, hee.

    • Alex Thompson

      Bob Bolton, hope you remember me, although it has been almost 50 years since I last saw you with Dino and Cliff Links. Would love to catch up some time. Best,


  11. Jeannie FRIERSON Thomas

    Bob…..Hi there. Friend sent an aircheck tape from QXI (produced just months after I left Atlanta for California). The voice immediately sent me back to adventures we shared in Augusta; XKE running out of gas & early morning walk along the Savannah River canal with the sounds of rushing water, wild boars in the distance & the babblng of a drunk named Harry who came out of nowhere & joined our walk! Tea leaf readings & a toast to the Queen of England with a favorite college professor…A touching funeral for a hamster…visit to the roof of Forest Hills VA bldg…bike trip to Savannah……fun times. E-mail if you remember any of these!

  12. Karl Phillips

    Hi Bob – Big R (Randy Robins) says hello. He and I are still in touch with each other. I will be at the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame Awards and Dinner celebration this coming Saturday here in Atlanta. We have a Quixie in the 60’s reunion planned. //…there is audio of me at WGST from 1974 after my Navy stint. Remember me ?

  13. I grew up listening to Bob as a teen. Got into radio
    and was working at WAUG several years later in Augusta Georgia. He called me on the request line and complimented a bit I had done. I still remember that to this day. He was my hero and he called me! I later worked for WBBQ and stayed in touch with him for many years. Haven’t talked to him in a long time but he was one of the most naturally funny and warm air talents I have ever heard. I have an aircheck of him doing the Pepsi Party on BBQ about a year before he went off to ATL to work at QXI. Bob, wherever you are, you will always be a GREAT broadcaster.


  14. Bill

    Hi dad,

    It’s Bill… your son. I haven’t heard from you in, ohh, 15 years or so. I hope you end up checking this site sometime in the near future. Anyways I have no idea how to get in touch with you but I thought you should know you are having a grandchild soon. Look me up sometime.

    William H. Bolton

  15. Wow- you’re still in radio, Bob- awesome! You were sorely missed in Augusta when you left for the big city. (“Car One” incorrectly predicted you’d be back in a month.) There was nothing like Saturday nights with your Pepsi (later “PK” Party)and your sidekicks, Terry Quick and Robert Solomon. Some smitten lady often called you (was her name “Mabel”?) The time (August ’68?) Rick Allen got mad and quit while Mike Randell and Mike Dineen went to National Guard bootcamp was the best- we got to hear you for 8 full hours a day! Congratulations on 50 years. You were a good friend to a bunch of us lonely teenagers and turned us on the the best music ever.

  16. Joe Carpanzano

    Dear Bob,
    Awesome you are still around!! Good to see your doing well. I have been looking for Dave Weiss too. Contact me if you have time, meet you at a Wishbone Chicken spot.

  17. G.T.

    Its amazing what you find when you’re just feeling nostalgic and prowling around on the web. As a kid growing up in northwest Ohio, my radio was always tuned to WOWO at night. Many nights I drifted off to sleep listening to Bob Bolton (I mean that in a good way). Though this check isn’t from WOWO, it was great to hear Bob and his good-natured sense of humor again after almost 40 years. God, it couldn’t have been that long ago…

  18. I remember Bob Bolton from WQXI in Atlanta when he worked the 12 Noon-3 P.M. shift. I listened to him often-the time flew by very enjoyably. Bob was great-truly unique in personality, wit, and knowledge.

    Hope you are doing well, Bob.

  19. david weiss

    Joe Carpanzano

    just saw your 5/1/08 entry
    please send me an email

    Dave Weiss


    Hi folks,
    After two years, I thought I’d google myself and just want to tell you all how much I appreciate your comments. Especially those who listened to me on some pretty good radio stations in our past. It’s so nice to hear I had an impact on you. I still believe in our industry but am so disappointed with what great talents have been relegated to do. That’s voice tracking. Some are doing this for multiple markets they’ve never lived in or even visited. Overall, our business has “lost its flavor”. In past years, I used to delight in taking trips throughout our great Nation and listening to “the flavor” of each market I drove through. Some were really great and the rest were just wonderful because they were delivered locally. Local radio ended 15 years ago. That’s sad. Anyway—here are some call letters for you in my past and I’d love to hear from you if you were listening to me along the way;

  21. I too am from Augusta, Georgia – lived and worked there until I was 29. Then, like Bob Bolton & Mike Dineen, I grabbed an offer and went Atlanta.

    But early on, when I was very young (11, 12, and 13 or so) Bob Bolton and (to a lesser but still large extent) Mike Dineen, were my on-air roll models. They greatly fueled my then “consuming” desire to get on the air. I followed their footsteps as best I could. First to WFNL. But I could not break through to WBBQ. My future lay in what would eventually develop into the phenomenon of Talk Radio. And so those “altered paths” took me to Atlanta for Morning Drive at WRNG, then to Dallas at Mid morning WFAA, then on to mid days Miami WGBS WNWS AND and finally, for the past 20+ year, to mornings on KFYI in Phoneix.

    I believe that my ability to blend humor and news/talk throughout my program “germinated” in listening to Bob and Dino on WBBQ – and even DX listening through all the the static when they were in Atlanta, Ft. Wayne and Philadelphia.

    I met Bob only once, and then sonly very briefly one evening when I was pestering him for a job to work as his assistant on the old PK (Pepsi-Kelly) Party on WBBQ Saturday nights 8-midnight. I got the job. THAT was going to be my “foot in the door” to radio. Alas, I was only 13 and it was my Dad who said, “NO.” I was more than heartbroken. I was devastated.

    But now I realize that what happened from that “moment in time” made the difference as to how my life evolved. Today at age 57, I’m still getting to do the #1 program in Phoenix on KFYI.

    But best of all, for me it’s now just a hobby. It’s not my job and that makes it FUN! Radio is still FUN after 40+ years on the air!

    My “real work” is being President & CEO of WestStar TalkRadio Network, syndicators of The Kim Komando Show (which we conceptualized and launched and which is heard now on over 400 stations nationally together with a host of other music and talk radio national programs.)

    I did not get to do what I thought I wanted which is what Mike and Bob did (and did very, very well!) and many times regret it. But, to a larger degree, and even though I never met them personally, what I learned from them is still with me each day.

    Thank you Bob & Michael. You taught me the basics of formats, style and delivery – and you had no idea.

    And maybe one day we will meet and I can say thank you in person.

    Best to all!


    I’ve recently uncovered a stash of Bob Bolton airchecks from WFUN, and one of his last shows on WHK, and a friend of mine is converting them to digital. If Bob is reading, let me know if you’re looking for these!

  23. David Baugh

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed listening to these air checks from WQXI. I grew up and still live just down the road from Atlanta in Griffin, GA. The teens in Griffin listened to QXI back in the 60s. These brought back a lot of great memories from my youth. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  24. Carolyn Hatcher Maciaszek

    We are trying to locate Bob Bolton, having a school reunion class of 1963.
    If you you know where he is, would like to contact him.
    Please E-Mail me at

    Thank You,
    Carolyn Hatcher Maciaszek
    Class of 1963 ARC Augusta, Georgia,

  25. Joe Carpanzano

    Dave Weiss
    Hit me up on Facebook jd carpanzano Are you still in GA?

  26. Dave Heath

    Bob, you and I worked together at WBBQ in the early days of Tiger Radio. I wasn’t in the business long, but long enough to admire the work you did and to wonder what became of you (and MIke Dineen). Great to find this site.

    If my name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe the fact that I wrecked your dad’s car while bringing back some burgers to the station will.

  27. Bob Bolton

    Yes I,m the other Bob Bolton from North Augusta .I remember you on WBBQ. I lived in St Louis in 1969 . I was driving to N.A. and i believe I heard you on a station in Ft Wayne.When you guys were the good guys with the silver dollar,believe it or not I carried mine with me at all times.I have some good stories about the silver dollar. I have been in real estate in North Augusta for 35 years.You made me “famous” We miss the ‘BBQ days.Thanks for the memories.

  28. Stan Barrett

    I wasn’t in Radio long (had to eat) LOL.. but wanted to Thank you Bob for your help. I use to send you tapes and you would write me back with suggestions on how to improve my program. I don’t know many people who would take the time to do that. You were really a great guy and still the best DJ I have ever heard. Best of luck to you. God Bless!

    • Jim Shirah

      Is this Stan Barrett that used to work at WMFJ/WIRK/WLOF?

      • Don Skylar

        Hello, most devoted Elvis fan. I’m wondering too, what happend to the Stan Barrett that worked at WMFJ…(60’s?)…He was married to Myrna?

    • Johnny Holiday

      I like Jim Shirah would like to know if this is the raal Stan Barrett that use to have a room in my house on Daytona Beach and worked a WMFJ while I was the PD.

      • Jim Shirah

        THE Johnny Holliday? Been a long time since I heard that name. Where are you now and are you still in radio? I got out about 15 years ago, got a real job, retired from that and am now ready to get back into radio. I have been trying to track Stan down for years and got an email from a buddy in Daytona who said Stan died in 2006. Haven’t been able to confirm that but sure am trying. Last I heard he was in St Johns Newfoundland in mid 70’s. When did you last hear about him? What a guy he of my heroes.

  29. WOW … what a find … reading snippets from people I worked with and/or listened to over the years. My radio career started at age 14 with a station I built in the back yard, but still listened to the station I dreamed of working at … WBBQ. This included listening to Bill Laurie, Bob Bolton, Harley Drew and Mike Dineen (to mention a few). Bob once put me on the air “live” and commented that one day I might be working there. I actually lost out a Saturday night job to a classmate of mine (Terry Quick) to assist Bob Bolton when Robert Soloman left. I would finally realize my dream in early 1973 replacing Bob Gordon on weekends. In the summer of 1973, I called Bob at WOWO to let him know I was on the air on the very same time slot he once worked at the Q. I managed to stay at WBBQ, while working a dual career in public safety (9-1-1), for over 26 years until switching over to a career in Information Technology. Recently I started a streaming station on line as a tribute to the “Tiger Radio” days of WBBQ featuring the hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Get a chance, tune in to // You may even recognize some of the voices other than mine!

  30. Carolyn(Boan) Bentley

    You wwere just on my mind.Thought I just google you and WOW what a surprise. Bet you do not even remember me.I worked the Saturday night Pepsi Party on ole BBQ. We sure had a lot of fun.
    Do you atill have th RED Jag. Remenber having to put a crate under the set so I could reach the peddals and fly down Georgia Ave, to the Snow Cap & get burges & fries.
    Gee it’s been a few.
    Never forgot you- One of rare breed- A TRUE Gentle Man- hey I found another one and married in 70, along with his 68 GTO.
    Would love to hear from you.
    Love ya, Carolyn

  31. Karl Phillips

    I hate moments like this but I have to report the passing of my friend from WQXI-AM – Bob Bolton. I lost touch with him but our other buddy Randy Robins reported this sad news to me. I do not know the cause or where Bob was at the time of his passing. There are lost tapes of Bob out there. I urge everyone to go to the Contact US on this site and let them know you have audio of Bob and lets get them added to the one I sent in from 1969 of Bob on WQXI. My sincere condolences to members of his family and other friends.

    Karl Phillips – WQXI AM/FM – 1968 – 1969

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